Velocity Sellers, Inc


In 2014, Co-Founders Nathan and Jake Schwarzbaum, Chairman and CEO, Launched Velocity Sellers while Nathan Battled Leukemia...

In a hospital room just after his diagnosis, Nathan and his son, Jake Schwarzbaum, launched their visionary venture. What began as a small Amazon consulting agency in 2014 has transformed into Velocity Sellers, an industry leader in Amazon full-service management. Nathan, now in remission, leads the charge in guiding brands to maximize their Amazon revenue while streamlining operations and inventory management.


Nathan Schwarzbaum


As a co-founder and visionary leader of Velocity Sellers, Nathan brings over 25 years of marketing expertise to empower eCommerce businesses and CMOs to succeed on Amazon. His journey, from battling leukemia to global marketplace domination, is a testament to his commitment to client success.

Jake Schwarzbaum​


As the Co-Founder and CEO of Velocity Sellers, Jake Schwarzbaum co-launched the company while supporting his father, Nathan, during leukemia treatments. His dedication to helping brands succeed on Amazon, without relying on automated systems, drives Velocity Sellers’ commitment to excellence.

Andrew Warner


Andrew Warner, Velocity Sellers’ CFO, occupies a central role in our financial triumph. His sharp fiscal oversight guarantees our operational efficiency, ultimately empowering our team to deliver unparalleled services to a global clientele, consistently setting high standards in the industry.

Velocity Sellers' Evolution

In 2014, a remarkable journey began, inspired by Nathan’s extensive 25-year marketing career and fueled by a burning desire to address a pressing need among eCommerce businesses and CMOs. Nathan and Jake Schwarzbaum, a father-and-son duo, embarked on a path less traveled, driven by a clear vision for scalable success on Amazon.

Their epiphany marked the inception of their consulting agency—a beacon of hope born from challenging circumstances. They recognized that achieving success on Amazon demanded more than just an aspiration; it required unwavering compliance, total immersion, and the expertise of a seasoned team to guide brands toward rapid sales growth.

As their small Amazon consulting agency began to take shape, Nathan and Jake focused on honing their approach. They committed themselves to streamlining operations, managing logistics with precision, and projecting inventory needs. Their mission? To empower brands striving to elevate their Amazon sales.

What began as a modest venture within the confines of a hospital room, where Nathan battled leukemia, has since evolved into Velocity Sellers—an undisputed industry leader in Amazon full-service management. Their journey from those challenging beginnings to their current industry stature is a testament

to their unwavering dedication and relentless pursuit of excellence. Velocity Sellers’ reach extends far and wide, with thousands of satisfied clients spanning over 25 global markets. Their commitment to helping brands maximize their Amazon revenue remains at the forefront of their mission.

With Over $1 Billion Dollars in Generated Revenue,  they understand that success on Amazon is not a one-size-fits-all formula; instead, it requires a tailored approach that leverages human expertise over automated solutions.

In a dynamic and ever-evolving industry, Velocity Sellers continues to adapt and innovate. They guide brands through the intricacies of Amazon’s ever-shifting landscape, enabling them to seize and optimize revenue opportunities on the platform. Their approach not only helps brands thrive but also positions them as industry pacesetters.

Nathan’s battle with leukemia may have marked the humble beginnings of their journey, but it is their unwavering dedication, tenacity, and leadership that define their legacy today. Velocity Sellers stands as a beacon of hope, a testament to the transformative power of vision, expertise, and commitment—a company that has not just adapted to change but has driven change itself in the realm of Amazon full-service management.


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