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Case Studies

See how Velocity Sellers helps brands dominate on Amazon's Marketplace.

50% Increase In Profitability for Amazon PPC Campaigns

School Supplies company had advertising campaigns running at a very high cost. They had 750+ products but had not optimized them. Here is how Velocity Sellers helped.

How we saved a home goods company & grew seller Central

Home Goods company had a myriad of catalog issues including pricing, chargeback issues, lack of advertising plan, and stagnating Vendor Central sales. Due to a Vendor Central policy, they could not advertise many of their products on Vendor Central. Here’s how we helped.

How Channel Management Lead to Higher ROAS & Boosted Overall Revenue

A home goods company came to us as an established company with multiple brands that have had success on many retail channels such as Walmart,, Target, and eBay. They sold product to Amazon as a vendor for five years prior to meeting with Velocity Sellers.

From $0 to a Multimillion-Dollar Business on Amazon Marketplace

Despite success on other channels, HALO saw little to no-sales on Amazon before teaming up with Velocity Sellers to grow their business. Since joining, HALO has grown Amazon into their most dominant ecommerce channel using both Vendor Central and Seller Central.

Kitchenware Company Increases Amazon Sales By 110%

Kitchenware company has been manufacturing cutlery since 1948. It has earned the reputation of being remarkable. Kitchenware company’s products are 100% American Made — from raw materials through construction. Kitchenware company teamed up with Velocity Sellers in (date) in order to find a long-term partner to grow their Amazon business.

How we Tripled Sales Growth for a textile brand on Amazon

Textiles company had been experiencing slow growth on Amazon Vendor Central but wanted to accelerate their sales and presence on Amazon. They had unoptimized listings, no advertising, and Amazon was severely under-ordering especially during their peak season. Click to read more.

See What Happens when Velocity Sellers optimizes for Profitability

An Established Sporting Goods company which has had success on its online store as well as a strong distribution network came to us to establish a stronger presence on Amazon. They had the best products in the market and the only one in their industry that was made in the USA. While their business did in excess of $10 million a year, their Amazon business was less than $200,000 annually. This is how we helped.

“With Velocity Sellers optimizing our Seller Central activity, we achieved our $350,000 sales goal in the first 12 months. Plus, they helped us move to FBA which reduced our out-of-stock and increased our profitability.”

Category: Homegoods

“Velocity Sellers managed and designed our advertising campaigns, including coupons and promotions. Our sales and profitability increased and we saw a 600% return on advertising.”

Category: Office Supplies

“In four years with Velocity Sellers, we have achieved a year-over-year growth with a 25% ACoS Limit. Our growth is up 183% and our total PPC sales are well over $8M.”

Category: Sporting Goods


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