Most brands don’t understand how to (or have the time to)  master the complexity of Amazon businesses in order to maximize their sales potential. That’s why we’ve created a full-service, consulting agency that focuses on the Amazon channel to maximize sales potential.

When your brand is monitored, protected, and positioned by our agency, your products will start ranking higher, customers will find you more easily, and your sales will increase quickly.

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We Aren't Just On Your Team, We Are Your Team

Nathan Schwarzbaum

Chief Executive Officer

As an experienced marketer I’ve built a number of marketing-centric businesses. I love to build teams and rewarding culture. I am very competitive (in a good way). I have been married for 31 years and have 2 grown sons. My family has rounded my business life and we are a close-knit group.

Jake Schwarzbaum

Chief Operations Officer

Jake is passionate about digital communications and drives successful marketing campaigns for Velocity Sellers. Plus, he is one of the launch strategists and overall developers for our company and focuses on mutual success.


Andrew Warner

Chief Financial Officer

I’m a CPA with entrepreneurial experience in eCommerce and digital marketing. I sold my eCommerce business in 2017 and have worked with Velocity since 2018. In my spare time, I enjoy hiking, skiing, and traveling.


Lisa Zajdel

Director Of Accounts

With more than 20 years of project management experience, Lisa helps direct the strategies for each account at velocity Sellers. She is your one point of contact and control, and directs our whole team focused on your success.

Steffanie Morrison Director of Sales and Sr Analyst

Steffanie Morrison

Director of Sales and Sr Analyst

With 10+ years of experience in working with e-commerce brands, both through my own businesses and through consulting with others, I have acquired a long-time love for helping brands grow online. After earning a Master’s in Accounting from UHart, I moved to northern New Hampshire for an amazing remote work life balance. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with family and being outdoors.


Chris Prall

Director of Advertising

A former chef and restaurant owner, Chris has been working on Amazon and executing successful data-driven PPC strategies for over 8 years. His proven proprietary methods have delivered amazing results for clients big and small, from newly launching to 8-figure brands. In his spare time, he enjoys cooking, collecting vinyl, camping, and all things outdoors.


Kiley Forche


I’m an MBA Graduate with a Finance concentration and over 11 years of experience. I joined the Velocity Seller family in 2018 and have enjoyed growing with our company. In my spare time, I enjoy my family, traveling, and watching Buckeye Football.


Andrei Maguleanu

Process Manager

I’m an electrical engineer with a passion for organization. Having worked as a project/operations/general manager, I realized the importance of structuring a business well. I enjoy entertaining my 3-year-old, reading, wrestling, and if time permits, gaming.


Marian Knup

Process Developer

Project Manager with 3 years of experience in delivering end-to-end cost-efficient programs covering regional and global markets. I also run a non-profit organization that helps young people to acquire the personal and professional skills necessary to succeed in today’s changing society.


Matha Fuentes

Process/ Sr Project Management

I’m an Industrial Engineer with experience in Project Management, HR, and Operations Management. I have worked remotely with teams from different backgrounds for eCommerce businesses and digital marketing agencies over the past 4 years. I have actively participated in the expansion strategy of these companies by leading diverse projects and managing the operation in full.


Korrie Warren

Hiring Manager

I have operated professionally in the HR/Talent Acquisition space for over 5 years. I am currently pursuing my MBA at Wilmington University and plan to graduate in May 2023. I enjoy spending time outdoors with my fiancé and three-year-old daughter. When I am alone, you can find me catching up on my TV shows, at the gym, or shopping.

Eric Peterson

Brand Manager

My focus and passion are delivering the brand’s value proposition and solving problems, and I truly enjoy interacting with clients to ensure top-notch service and results.  I am also an animal welfare advocate and enjoy spending time with my dogs, cooking delicious savory dishes, and watching old movies.


James Dee

Brand Manager

A 20+ year e-commerce professional with comprehensive knowledge of marketplace management and brand development, with a micro-focus on the Amazon ecosystem. Has owned several businesses and understands the challenges of creating a successful brand. A father of five beautiful children, one is currently playing division 1 soccer. Enjoys the outdoors, spends time with family, and is an avid soccer fan.


Sam Bruha

Brand Manager

I have a bachelor’s in Advertising Management and Media from Michigan State University and I have been working with Amazon businesses for 4 years and have been in Ecommerce for 8 years as well. I love to hike, run, workout, fish, and golf in my spare time.


Meredith Vardy

Brand Manager

I have worked in the E-commerce industry for 6 years and thrive on working as a Brand Ambassador. After earning a B.S. in Textile Design and Technology from N.C State University I completed a 2-year Peace Corps Assignment in Bangladesh. I currently reside in Miami Florida and can be found on my paddle board or on a boat with my family and friends.


Camila Messmer

Project Manager

I graduated from the University of Arkansas with a degree in Supply Chain Management and Logistics. I have been working in project management, specifically, project management in eCommerce for some time now and I love it. In my spare time, I enjoy baking, traveling, reading, and writing!


Sophie Houseman

Project Manager

I have Bachelor’s degrees from SUNY Geneseo in communication and musical theater and I have been working in and around Amazon and in project management for the last 5 years. I have a 1-year-old daughter named Georgia.


Cherrelle Boriel

Project Manager

Excellence-driven professional holding a Bachelor’s in Management from the University of Florida. I have an extensive background in digital marketing & E-Commerce, with a passion for helping clients achieve maximum growth and returns on ad spend. I love working with teams and ensuring our projects stay within scope and meet the desired goals. Currently living in the Caribbean and enjoying every last bit of paradise!


Miljan Milev

Project Manager

As an experienced project manager, I’ve successfully managed a number of projects in the data and e-commerce industries. During that time I had the pleasure of working with people from all over the world. In my spare time, I enjoy traveling and spending time with my family and friends.


Sianne Sta Maria

Project Manager

I’ve worked in the e-commerce space for 4 years, specializing in listing optimization and brand management, helping companies scale their businesses while traveling around the world and living in different countries. When I’m not in front of my laptop, you can find me reading or writing about fantasy worlds or visiting archaeological sites and museums!


Claudia Biasutti

Assistant Account Manager

I have 4 years of experience with brand strategy and growth for brands on Amazon and e-commerce companies. I’m very passionate about helping businesses scale up to their full potential and love what I do. In my free time, I enjoy hiking, riding horses, and exploring different parts of the world. I believe traveling and meeting people gives me a lot of insight into how the human mind works and this helps me a lot in understanding customer behavior.


Charlotte Dib

Assistant Account Manager

Graduated from U-Mass Boston with BS in MIS, while simultaneously working my way up in retail management till I completely managed multiple sites of the family business. I’ve always had a passion for e-commerce, so I pursued a career for almost 7 years on the largest marketplace in the world. I always find myself fine dining with my husband and family. My passion is to visit my motherland Switzerland, the Middle- East, and Lebanon every summer.


Zach Taylor

Senior Logistics Manager

I graduated with a Sociology and Environmental Science degree from the University of Montana. Professionally I have always found myself drawn to running businesses, improving business systems, logistics, and operations. In my free time, I enjoy cycling, running, and spending time in the mountains with my family.


Bryan Duffey

Inventory Manager

I graduated from Texas A&M University (gig’em aggies!) with a Bachelor of Science in Manufacturing Engineering. I have been working in the supply chain, distribution, and eCommerce industry for over 18 years. When I am not mastering inventory on Amazon for clients, I enjoy outdoor activities with my wife and four kids and playing sports.


Navneet Kaur

Inventory Admin

I graduated from commerce and worked for 7yrs as an FBA specialist in different categories. In my spare time, I like to explore less traveled roads to connect with people and adventure.


Phoebe Gray

Advertising Manager

I have a bachelor’s degree in Business and I’ve been continuously growing skills with advertising on Amazon for years. In my spare time, I enjoy traveling and hiking.


Ivan Gadjic

Sr. Account Admin

I have a Road Traffic Engineering degree from the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering, University of Belgrade, and for the past 4 years working as an Account Administrator for businesses on Amazon and other various successful accounts. Great team player, always ready to ‘jump in’ and help. I love mountains and during winter; I like to spend my free time skiing and building snowmen with my family.


Sarah Hall

Content Writer

I graduated in 2011 with a Speech Pathology degree and continued to pursue my love of language. With several years of SEO experience specifically for businesses on the Amazon channel, I am on a mission to provide quality optimized content that gets results. I’m passionate about writing, 1960s history, and Van Gogh.

Claire Jones

Content Writer

I have been working on Amazon specific content for the past 10 years, crafting and optimizing listings for growth across Europe and the USA. In my spare time, I enjoy walking, spending time with family, and socializing with friends.


Shilpa Narang

Content Writer

I graduated with a degree in Fashion and Business and I’ve been growing my expertise in SEO for brands on Amazon for the past 10 years. I enjoy traveling and I have a deep passion for music.


Stefan Vidovic

Data Analyst

I have an MBA in Economics with experience in finance, digital assets, the website flipping industry, and operations management. In my spare time, I enjoy playing basketball and spending time with my family.


Sheila Ortencio

Data Admin W/ Amazon Focus

I have a Library & Information Science degree from the University of Santo Tomas. As an A to Z Admin of 4 years, I love helping businesses grow, especially those in the e-commerce industry. During my spare time, I enjoy traveling with my husband and kids to make memories, experience different cultures, and most of all, try out different cuisines.


Aurelia Guerra

Customer Service Manager

I have been working in customer service since my teen years and for over 10 years I’ve been doing customer support management for brands on Amazon to ensure that the customers are always happy with the services provided. In my spare time, I enjoy traveling and spending time with my family as well as all things Halloween and horror movies!


Chelsie Dugenia

Customer Service

I have a degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management and have been working in Customer Service for 11 years. I have 2 kids and 9 dogs. I love to travel and make memories with my family. I love food and I also love bags and shoes. In life I believe that there are no limitations, except for the ones you make – so keep trying, and go get it!


Mary Grace Rebueno


I am a Certified Management Accountant (CMA), QBO Advisor, and an Accredited Financial Analyst (AFA). I helped businesses in eCommerce businesses – Amazon, Shopify, and eBay with their financials, budgeting, and cash flow. I love baking and cooking, my specialty is pasta and cookies 🙂

Florence Palahang

Manager of Administration

The complexities and challenges in the Amazon marketplace ignited my desire to focus on this channel because at that time I believe there was a wide room for growth; looking back it’s true! I love to read different books. I do have a collection of air plants such as orchids and other flowering plants which make every morning quite exciting. I bake mostly, cakes and pastries.


Rahul Basankar

Graphic Designer | Video Editor (Live + CG)

I am a motion graphics artist and photoshop expert bringing your ideas to visual reality. My role is to create video animation for brands and products on Amazon. Also highly skilled at producing 3D product renders and animation videos. In my free time, you’ll find me on hikes, adventure treks, or watching action movies.


Alex Osadchyi

Graphic Designer

I am an experienced graphic designer. I specialize in creating stunning images for stores on the Amazon platform. I like cycling with my family. I also like to repair broken things.


Rene Alvarenga

Graphic Designer

I started designing as a hobby for graphics and videos when I was in middle school. I have been helping clients and businesses from all over the world produce their best online content for over 5 years. I also work on designing and building software and other technologies. In my spare time, I like to play video games, go out, go to the gym and spend time with my family and friends.


Louie Amador

Graphic Designer

I graduated from the University of Santo Tomas (PH) and have a degree in Fine Arts, majoring in Advertising Arts. I’ve been professionally designing for more than 10 years. I’m into traditional tattoos.


Jazen Husain

Graphic Designer

Building a great identity or branding is one of the foundations of every successful business. I’ve been designing for years specializing in Adobe creative suite with a focus on e-commerce, primarily on the Amazon platform. I like gaining valuable experiences like volunteering and traveling. It helps to create a natural sense of accomplishment.


Michael Meneses

Graphic Designer

I have a degree in Fine Arts from the University Of Santo Tomas in the Philippines. I have been working professionally for about 12 years now. For the past 6 years, I have been doing design work specifically for brands focused on the Amazon marketplace and I have a fat cat.


Taras Osadchyi

Graphic Designer

I create images for Amazon brands. Images are the first thing a buyer notices, so they should look professional and show the benefits. My goal is to “Make brands on Amazon more beautiful.” In addition, I like to spend time with my family and travel.


Enrico Buyo

Administration / Data Admin

I have been working as a VA for Amazon businesses over 3 years and have helped set up and grow Amazon stores for clients. During my spare time, I like to go on road trips and adventure.


Maricel Loberiza

Account Admin

I completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology. I’ve been helping Sellers & Vendors on Amazon grow and maintain their stores for more than 6 years. In my free time, I like participating in volunteer activities, especially teaching underprivileged kids.


Nisha Henry

Account Admin

I graduated with a degree in IT and have been working for clients on Amazon for 7 years. When I’m not working, I’m engaged as a chef and also love to explore new places.


Akshay Gautam

Account Admin

I have 5 years of experience in delivering growth for clients on Amazon. In my spare time, I practice meditation and yoga, and also love to ride my bike … which keeps me fit.


Aditya Mahajan

Account Admin

I have a Bachelor’s degree in BCA. I’ve been delivering growth for clients on Amazon for 4.5 years, and I am continually interested in learning about new techniques to provide top-notch client service.


Hafiz Muhammad Ghulam Jilani

Account Admin

I entered the world of eCommerce and it’s been four years now working as and Account Admin for Amazon brands. I am motivated, teamwork-oriented, and pay strong attention to detail and accuracy. I like problem-solving and have well-developed time-management abilities.


Hazel Cabahug

Account Admin

As an e-commerce professional for the last seven years, I have collaborated with successful Amazon sellers from different industries. I find joy and fulfillment in providing solutions and helping clients scale their brands. A hands-on mom and wife, I love to go on short trips with my family, spend time outside, or just relax in our rooftop garden.


Mae Ledhea C. Paje

Account Admin

I have a degree in Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management. I started my career in the freelance industry in 2021, and I am enjoying it. I started as a product lister for Walmart Approvals agency for the first six months, then became an operations assistant who handles the Walmart marketplace application process. And as a parent, I mostly enjoyed staying at home to do the house chores and spending time with family.


Richard Martinez

Account Admin

I am a fun-loving person who loves to meet new people. I am a great listener and I love to help people. I enjoy working on Amazon projects.


Dennis S Devera

Reporting Admin

I’m an Ecommerce VA/Store Manager for over four years and I love learning. That’s why I’m learning how to manage stores on Amazon from A-Z. I love the outdoors, playing video games, history, mystery, and so much more!


Mark Anthony Rios

Executive Sales Asst

I have an extensive background in the eCommerce industry, sales, and customer service. I am a devoted family man with two kids. I make sure to spend quality time with my wife. Work-life balance is the key to being driven and energized.

Our Unique Story

Nathan and Jake Schwarzbaum, Co-Founders and CEO and COO, respectively, launched this business from a hospital room where Nathan was battling leukemia. Jake would visit his dad during treatments, and the two of them created a full-service consulting agency focused on the Amazon marketplace from treatments rooms in 2014.

Nathan, with more than 25 years of marketing under his belt,  knew that most eCommerce businesses and CMO’s wanted to scale on Amazon but didn’t have a proven way to do that.

“Success on Amazon requires complete compliance and total immersion, and there was no way for new-to-Amazon eCommerce Directors and CMO’s to increase their sales on Amazon quickly,” said Nathan.

“When you don’t know how or have the time to master Seller Central at Amazon and Vendor Central on Amazon platforms, it can be very frustrating,” said Jake. “You can see the potential your brand has, but you feel hopeless because you can’t spend time building a team to make it happen. We believe you shouldn’t have to build an internal operations team to grow your sales on Amazon.”

What began as a father and son operation has grown to a thriving, decentralized business that serves the globe, with thousands of happy clients and serving more than 25 markets around the world.

Nathan, now in complete remission from leukemia, says that Velocity Sellers is hyper-focused on helping brands increase their sales on Amazon while improving their processes, managing logistics, and forecasting inventory.

“We understand what CMO’s and eCommerce directors need in online marketplaces,” continued Nathan. “This is why we pair every brand with a team of dedicated consultants to help them launch and scale on Amazon.”

Jake says that many Amazon consultant agencies rely primarily on automation and AI to solve compliance problems and optimize listings, “But not our team,” he said. “We are obsessed with helping brands exceed their sales goals, and the way we do that is by making sure skilled seller consultants are behind the wheel, not failure-prone automations.”

With a bright future and more marketplace dominations on the horizon, Velocity Sellers helps brands stop feeling lost in the complexity of Amazon and become brands that are maximizing their revenue opportunities on Amazon.

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