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We’ve helped thousands of brands just like you double, triple, or even quadruple their sales.

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Amazon Managed Services

Maximize Amazon Success with Our Full-Service Amazon Agency - Optimize Pricing, Resolve Issues, Manage Cases, and Boost Sales.

SEO Content

Achieving top organic rankings for your key profitable keywords is the quickest route to increased visibility, conversions, and sales.

Graphic Design & Video

Looking to boost sales? Capture instant attention with our top-notch graphic design and video production services.

Logistics and operations

What sets us apart is that we don't just offer a service; we provide you with access to a team of seasoned FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) experts.

Customer Service

Take the hassle out of managing your Amazon customer service with Velocity's expert team.

Expert Brand Managment

Our dedicated team of experts is equipped and deeply committed to monitoring critical aspects that are pivotal to your brand's success within the Amazon ecosystem.

Advertizing Managment

Our proven strategies can be your key to achieving enhanced visibility, greater sales, and efficient ad spending.

Case managment

Allow our seasoned case management experts to tackle the day-to-day challenges, freeing you to prioritize what truly counts: nurturing your brand's growth.

Catalog managment

We help you every step of the way in inventory monitoring, pricing strategies, resolving errors, and more.

Customized Reporting

Harness the potential of your Amazon data with our customized reporting services.


Expand to Walmart now to diversify sales channels and tap into a broader customer base.

Amazon Operations Director

From strategic planning to cross-functional collaboration, we optimize efficiency, reduce costs, and ensure seamless communication with stakeholders

Amazon Today: Buy Online, Pick up In-Store

Connect with Amazon shoppers in your immediate vicinity through Amazon Local Selling.

Demand-Side Platform - DSP

Extend your brand's reach beyond Amazon and engage with your target audience across the web.

Amazon PPC Management

Supercharge Amazon PPC for Sales Growth: Leverage Best Practices - Keywords, Campaign Structure, Bids, Creatives, Landing Pages, and ROI Tracking.

Reclaim Lost Revenue

Your dedicated Case Manager will take care of the entire reimbursement process, so you don’t have to. We do all the work for you!

Increase your
sales on amazon

Implement  our strategies and see an increase in ROAS and/or profitability in as little as 30 days. Our initial analysis is FREE and comes with a no obligation guarantee. We know we can improve your account. Let us show you how.

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Our Team of Vendor & Seller Central

Experts Becomes Your Team

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A Quick 50% Increase for School Supplies Company

School Supplies company had advertising campaigns running at a very high cost. They had 750+ products but had not optimized them. Here is how Velocity Sellers helped.

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Home Goods company had a myriad of catalog issues including pricing, chargeback issues, lack of advertising plan, and stagnating Vendor Central sales. Due to a Vendor Central policy, they could not advertise many of their products on Vendor Central. Here’s how we helped.

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A home goods company came to us as an established company with multiple brands that have had success on many retail channels, such as Walmart,, Target, and eBay. They sold product to Amazon as a vendor for five years before meeting with Velocity Sellers…

Our Optimization for Amazon Will Increase Your Return On Investment

Increase your
sales on amazon

Elevate your Amazon profits with our Full-Service Account Management! We expertly optimize listings for maximum visibility and appeal, while strategic pricing ensures competitiveness and profitability. Say goodbye to overstocking and stockouts with efficient inventory management.

Streamlined fulfillment enhances customer satisfaction, and data-driven adjustments boost performance. Our dynamic advertising and promotions drive revenue. Explore market expansion opportunities and ensure compliance for exciting growth. Our detailed reports provide crucial insights for immediate profit spikes.

Don’t miss out—supercharge your Amazon sales and profitability now!

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Our Optimization for Amazon Will Increase Your Return On Investment

If you want to increase your sales on Amazon, complete immersion into the world of data science, SEO, and high-quality content is required.

Stop feeling frustrated. Let our team of consultants for Amazon manage and grow your presence on Amazon.

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Velocity Sellers podcast

Join us on our podcast, where our talented team and special guests come together with our lively host, Velocity Pete. Each episode, Velocity Pete sits down with Amazon experts to dive into topics that will supercharge your Amazon know-how!

Customer Satisfaction is the Key to our Success

Amazon Managed Services

With over $1B in revenue driven and 60+ employees with specialized knowledge of the Amazon ecosystem, we are the experts in this space.

Peter Sims

Sales Executive & Brand Evangelist

Pete has been on Amazon for 3 years now and is very happy to found a home at Velocity Sellers. In his free time Pete is an avid hiker, runner, and bowler. He also enjoys reading any book he can get his hands on and making some tea to go along with it.

Arlind Hoxha

Creative Manager

As the Creative Manager at Velocity Sellers, Arlind leads with expertise honed over many years in creative agencies. He brings a wealth of experience guiding designers and excelling in ecommerce-focused endeavors. Beyond his professional prowess, Arlind is an avid gamer, seamlessly blending creativity and strategic thinking.

Florence Palahang

Administrative Manager

Holding a BS in Accountancy from Davao City and boasting seven years of experience as a Virtual Assistant, Florence has established herself as a valuable asset. With a background spanning 95 clients worldwide, she has found her niche at Velocity Sellers, focusing on Amazon marketplaces. Beyond work, Florence enjoys reading, crochet, and baking. Her collection of plants adds vibrancy to her mornings, and witnessing her family enjoy the outcomes of her efforts brings contentment to her universe.

Kiley Forche


An MBA graduate specializing in Finance, boasting 11+ years of expertise. Joined Velocity Seller in 2018, contributing to our growth. Outside work, treasures family time, exploring new destinations, and passionately supports Buckeye Football

Miljan Milev

Sr. Project Manager

Seasoned project manager adept in data and e-commerce projects, collaborating globally. Outside work, finds joy in traveling, cherishing moments with family and friends.

Camilla Messmer

Sr. Project Manager

University of Arkansas grad in Supply Chain Management, excelling in eCommerce project management. Enjoys baking, travel, and writing, adding a touch of creativity to every endeavor.

Zach Taylor

Director of Logistics

Zach, a graduate with a Sociology and Environmental Science degree from the University of Montana, has consistently found himself drawn to running businesses and improving business systems, logistics, and operations throughout his professional journey. In his free time, he enjoys cycling, running, and spending quality moments in the mountains with his family.

Chris Prall

Director of Advertising

A former chef turned Geomatics graduate. While studying, he delved into managing PPC campaigns for Amazon agencies and e-commerce clients, uncovering a passion for data-driven strategies. A maestro in crafting successful PPC campaigns, he’s fueled by driving client growth, from startups to 8-figure brands. Beyond work, Chris savors cooking, vinyl collecting, camping, and embracing the great outdoors

Steffanie Morrison

Director of Sales, Sr Marketplace Analyst

Steffanie brings a rich e-commerce background since 2013, selling products and advising brands. An analytical mind with degrees from Northern Illinois University and the University of Hartford, she resides in New Hampshire, relishing family moments, travel, and outdoor adventures like hiking and skiing with her husband and kids.

Eric Peterson

Director of Brand Onboarding

Master’s in marketing, film degree from Minnesota State University-Moorhead. At Velocity Sellers, he crafts brand value, excels in client service, and loves problem-solving. An advocate for animal welfare, he enjoys cooking, classic movies, and time with his dogs.

James Dee

Director of Brand Management

Over 20 years in e-commerce mastery, specializing in Amazon. Proven brand builder and business owner. Outside the office, a proud parent to five, including a Division 1 soccer player. Enjoys family time, the outdoors, and all things soccer.

Lisa Zajdel

Executive Director

Results-Driven Executive Director. With two decades of expertise in merchandising and retail, including a successful tenure as Kohl’s Private Label Buyer & E-commerce Manager, Lisa brings over 14 years of invaluable experience on Amazon. Her dedication to delivering results is unparalleled, ensuring a strategic, seasoned approach to optimizing your business for success.

Andrew Warner


Andrew Warner, Velocity Sellers’ CFO, occupies a central role in our financial triumph. His sharp fiscal oversight guarantees our operational efficiency, ultimately empowering our team to deliver unparalleled services to a global clientele, consistently setting high standards in the industry.

Jake Schwarzbaum​


As the Co-Founder and CEO of Velocity Sellers, Jake Schwarzbaum co-launched the company while supporting his father, Nathan, during leukemia treatments. His dedication to helping brands succeed on Amazon, without relying on automated systems, drives Velocity Sellers’ commitment to excellence.


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