Velocity Sellers, Inc

Purchased by ZAGG, Inc. HALO sells mobile accessories such as power banks with their hero product being the Halo Bolt, a car jump-started that can charge your phone.


Despite success on other channels, HALO saw little to no-sales on Amazon before teaming up with Velocity Sellers to grow their business. Since joining, HALO has grown their most dominant ecommerce channel using both Vendor Central and Seller Central on Amazon.

HALO’s Main Goals:

From $0 per year to multimillion dollars per year in sales
Advertising with a 12% ACOS.

Velocity Sellers reached HALO’s goals by using proprietary techniques, best practices, and consistent development of the platform.

Goal 1: A smooth customer buying-experience

HALO was challenged with a catalog on Amazon that was disjointed, incomplete, and overrun with unauthorized listings. For the customer searching the brand or finding their product through category searches, it was a confusing experience that did not give customers the confidence in making a purchase.

Through a series of catalog optimizations and listings optimizations, Velocity Sellers was able to fully represent HALO’s products on Amazon with a professional, trustworthy presentation. Velocity also aggressively pursued unauthorized listings that were creating a negative buying-experience.

Velocity Sellers developed a Store Page and A+ Pages that increased conversion rates by over 300%.

Goal 2: Grow and Profit

Velocity Sellers used both Seller Central and Vendor Central in their toolbox to create the most growth and maintain the good profit margins. For the Halo Bolt, Seller Central allowed us to maintain control over pricing, prevent out-of-stocks with total control over inventory, and maintain a higher level of profit. For other parts of Halo’s catalog, Vendor Central allowed more promotional options, more profit, and more volume due to dynamic pricing on Amazon.


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