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24 February 2022

How to Defend Your Brand on Amazon Through Branded Keywords

Ever wonder why you can search for a specific brand on Amazon and get competing brands at the top of your search results? Amazon’s A9 algorithm prioritizes search

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22 February 2022

How to Calculate Conversion Rate on Amazon

Calculate your conversion rate, factors that affect it, and how to increase your conversion rate on Amazon.  More visitors to our listing is always great, but

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17 February 2022

All You Need to Know About Amazon Sponsored Brand Video

Amazon Sponsored Brands video ads are the retailer’s newest ad innovation, which Amazon claims are its best-performing ad format to date. On desktop and mobile shopping

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15 February 2022

Amazon Explained: What is Brand Registry

There’s no denying that, for some companies, Amazon is the wild west of digital retail, filled with counterfeiters, unlicensed third-party sellers, and shady


How To Become Unstoppable On Amazon