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Expanding to Walmart reduces reliance on Amazon, providing a safety net against revenue fluctuations.

Walmart's online platform attracts a distinct customer base, broadening your reach.

Walmart's ongoing online growth creates opportunities for increased sales.

Selling on Walmart offers diverse sales channels, reducing reliance on a single platform.

Expand to Walmart now to diversify sales channels and tap into a broader customer base. With reduced competition, your brand gains instant visibility and credibility. Walmart’s rapidly growing online presence ensures immediate sales potential, while their efficient fulfillment options enhance customer satisfaction. Don’t miss out on this vital opportunity to boost your revenue and brand recognition. Act now to leverage Walmart’s platform and consider strategic collaborations for an even stronger market presence. 

Velocity Sellers excels at seamlessly transitioning current Amazon sellers onto Walmart’s thriving marketplace. Our unparalleled expertise in e-commerce strategies, coupled with in-depth knowledge of both Amazon and Walmart platforms, ensures a smooth and effective migration.

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Our migration process is incredibly simple, designed to minimize disruptions and maximize profits. We streamline the transition, ensuring your presence on both Walmart and Amazon is seamless. Our team’s expertise enables you to effectively manage both marketplaces simultaneously, optimizing your listings, pricing, and fulfillment strategies for profitability.

Our Team will do it all for you

With Velocity Sellers, you’ll find that expanding your business to both platforms is a straightforward and lucrative endeavor.

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Begin by filling out our simple form, providing us with essential information about your business and your goals. This initial step helps us understand your needs and tailor our services to your specific requirements.

Tell us about your business and your current sales channels and where you want to be in the next year.

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Start by submitting your details through our form. We're eager to learn where you are in your selling journey. Feel free to share where you are in your selling journey, so we can better tailor our services to your specific needs and goals.

Meet with our team and go over our initial analysis.

After receiving your information, our experienced team will schedule a consultation with you. During this meeting, we'll dive deeper into your business objectives and discuss how our strategies align with your goals.

Once we've aligned our strategies with your business objectives, we'll start implementing our proven tactics to enhance your presence on both Walmart and Amazon.

Leveraging our extensive experience and expertise, we will strategically adjust your product listings to maximize their visibility and appeal to your target audience. This includes comprehensive pricing optimization, keyword refinement, content enhancement, and image improvement to ensure your products not only stand out but also maintain competitive pricing while driving profitability.


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