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Remove a significant amount of NEGATIVE Amazon reviews and feedback on your product and store
June 05, 2017

Amazon customers care about reviews A LOT.

The difference between 3.5 stars and 4.5 stars could be a difference of 80% in your sales.

We see too many sellers and vendors ignore their reviews. That’s why it is important to….

Check out what Amazon officially states as policy for removing reviews

What Amazon DOESN’T officially state is that there are other criteria to remove reviews. Here are…

– Non product-review rant
– Does not meet 75 words minimum
– Competitor Feedback
– Price objection
– Demonstrably false statement

These policies give you a lot more wiggle room for removing negative reviews.

Don’t forget to provide as much documentation as you can to support your claim.

Sending a ticket into seller support doesn’t hurt, but this is the usual response: “The team that owns this feature is outside of Seller Support and does not use the case system. So your case will appear closed in Seller Central… results of investigations are not shared”

Email [email protected] and specify the location of the content and the reason you believe it violates Customer Review Creation Guidelines.

Don’t forget to check out Amazon’s Review Policies and see how to remove negative reviews.

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