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A Simple, Complete Guide on Restricted Amazon Products
November 04, 2021

Do you know the list of restricted Amazon products? We can help you avoid the prohibited product categories.

One of the most appealing aspects of purchasing on Amazon is the large selection of products available. However, there is a plethora of restricted Amazon products. As a result, there are a few categories that sellers should be aware of before beginning to sell on the platform.

Some of these categories are simple to access, for instance, while others would require you to request Amazon’s authorization. We’ll break down Amazon’s prohibited product categories and the standards you’ll need to meet if you want to sell them on Amazon.


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What are Gated Categories in Amazon?

Ungated Subcategories To Watch For

What are Amazon’s product compliance and safety regulations?

Comprehensive List of Amazon Gated, Restricted and High-Risk Brands

Can you get your brand gated on Amazon?

How to apply to get ungated on Amazon?

Amazon’s ‘Prohibited Product Claims’ policy

What happens if you violate restrictions?

What are Gated Categories in Amazon?

First and foremost, we must recognize that some categories are restricted. In the vast majority of circumstances, you will simply create an account and begin selling your products.

Other than the work required to promote successful listings on Amazon, there’s no actual issue there — but gated categories are a different story. As a result, Amazon approval is required for these categories. Not only will Amazon have to approve you to publish listings within these product categories, but you’ll also have to meet certain criteria.

The prerequisites will vary based on the category you intend to be listed in. Generally, in most cases, you will need to have a website, a recognized UPC, or be able to provide certificates of authenticity

Gated Categories

The majority of these restrictions are in place to protect purchasers from fraud. After all, Amazon gated categories are:

  • More expensive
  • Safety-related
  • Of a sensitive nature
  • Collectible items

These items require a specialist to sell them. In other words, they would be shown in a special, locked display rather than on a typical retail counter.

Examples of Restricted Amazon Products

  • Industrial & Scientific
  • Automotive & Powersports
  • Collectible Coins
  • Sports Collectibles
  • Video, DVD & Blu-ray
  • Jewelry
  • Fine Art
  • Grocery & Gourmet Food
  • Luggage & Travel
  • Shoes, Handbags & Sunglasses
  • Watches
  • Business Products (B2B)

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3 Reasons For Restricted Amazon Products

As previously said, these items are either particularly exclusive to a niche or a demographic. Or they are items with a larger price tag than you would generally pay on a marketplace like this. However, there are more serious issues that arise with selling specific items.

1. Safety concerns

Because the company’s name is constantly at the front of any purchase, Amazon has always been very cautious about this point. It does not want to be connected with products that may cause harm.

For example, a cheap automotive part could produce a malfunction that puts someone’s life in danger. Not to mention outdated medicine could be connected to health hazards, and so on. To protect their customers, Amazon does restrict access to these categories.

2. Amazon’s reputation

As previously stated, Amazon’s name appears at the top of every purchase. Although we are aware that the products are sold by independent merchants, the platform’s marketing is so efficient that “Amazon” is all we see.

As a result, the eCommerce giant is incredibly cautious of how purchases may influence & how vendors perceive Amazon’s brand. After all, this is the platform that founded its empire on customer service, so it’s only natural that they’d want to safeguard their customers from buying knockoffs, low-quality goods, or engaging in fraudulent transactions.

3. Risk of fraud

Ecommerce has come a long way since its inception, particularly in this area. It’s only natural for a corporation like Amazon to do everything possible to minimize the danger of fraud. Some types of products have a bigger risk than others. Given that, if you want to break into one of Amazon’s gated categories, you’ll have to prove that you can keep Amazon’s trust and provide an excellent customer experience.

Ungated Subcategories To Watch For

Many sections have lately become ungated, which may sound like excellent news. However, there is one issue and that is you must be aware of subcategories. Specifically, groceries, cosmetics, and health-related items were previously off-limits to new merchants. This isn’t the case anymore.

However, you must obtain permission to sell certain things that may fall under these classifications but have distinct characteristics, such as topical beauty treatments or over-the-counter pharmaceuticals and prescriptions.

You may be forced to obtain approval from the brand itself, which, as you can expect, is not an easy task to complete. That said, you might want to reconsider your inventory depending on your budget.

Amazon-Restricted Brands

Even if the category isn’t, some brands are entirely off-limits to Amazon. But, before you become discouraged because your item was rejected, consider that it could be related to your brand, and you can still sell your other products in the same category.

One disadvantage is that, unlike in other circumstances, you won’t be able to locate a complete prerequisite list for these things. As a result, you’ll have to rely on trial and error from time to time.

What are Amazon’s product compliance and safety regulations?

There are two sets of requirements to follow when it comes to Amazon’s compliance and safety regulations: those for restricted categories and those for restricted Amazon products.

Categories Requiring Amazon Approval

The rules for gated categories vary from one to the next. Amazon does not have a uniform set of criteria for evaluating  whether or not you can list in a specific category without providing additional information for approval.

However, if you need Amazon’s permission to sell in a specific category, the approval procedure may require you to complete some additional steps. For example, you might be required to pay additional fees, submit performance checks, and take any other steps Amazon considers essential.

Amazon Gated Categories 

Amazon, as previously said, is moving away from imposing restrictions on broader categories. Instead, it limits access to sub-category specializations. As a result, the restricted categories list is much less than the restricted Amazon products list.

Here are the gated categories on Amazon:

  • Collectible Coins
  • Personal Safety and Household products
  • Entertainment Collectibles
  • Fine Art
  • Holiday Selling Requirements in Toys & Games
  • Jewelry
  • Join Amazon Handmade
  • Join Amazon Subscription Boxes
  • Made in Italy
  • Music & DVD
  • Automotive & Powersports
  • Services
  • Sports Collectibles
  • Streaming Media Players
  • Video, DVD, & Blu-ray
  • Watches

Tips for Selling in 9 Restricted Amazon Product Categories

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to ungating Amazon-restricted categories, and some are far easier to sell in than others.

1. Automotive and Powersports

Automotive and Powersports refer to products that can be utilized with automobiles, trucks, and other vehicles. Replacement parts, performance components, tires and wheels, tools and equipment, interior/exterior accessories, fluids, and more are among the products available.

Amazon Consideration

  • You must be following a professional selling strategy.
  • You’ll need compliant product images that can be viewed on a third-party website or an image hosting site.
  • Universal product codes must be listed for all major brands (UPCs).
  • The manufacturer or remanufacturer must provide a warranty on all certified reconditioned Automotive & Powersports products.
  • If you wish to sell fitment-specific products, you must have thoroughly examined the Automotive & Powersports Part Finder and Fitment Data page (products that only fit certain vehicles).

2. Collectible Coins

Rare and limited-edition struck coins aimed at collectors are known as collectible coins.

Amazon Consideration

  • Unless all of the seller’s products are from a legally recognized government mint and meet the additional product standards, or all of the seller’s items are graded by approved graders and meet the additional product requirements, the seller must belong to one of the following organizations:
    • PNG – Professional Numismatist Guild
    • ICTA – Industry Council for Tangible Assets
    • PCGS – Professional Coin Grading Service
    • NGC/PMG – Numismatic Grading Corporation/Paper Money Guarantee
  • 70% of the seller’s inventory must be NGC or PCGS graded, or come from a legally authorized government mint.
  • Only NGC or PCGS professionally graded and verified coins are accepted.
  • All coins valued at $1,500 or more must be graded by PCGS or NGC, or they will be refused entry to the store.
  • Unless they are in original government packaging and can be labeled as such, ungraded coins must be described as Graded by the seller.
  • It is not permitted to sell “unsearched” bags, rolls, tubes, jars, or any other unknown bulk currency. The buyer must be able to see the precise coins they are purchasing on the detail page.
  • Sellers should also include a link to their company’s website, where we can see the items they want to sell.

3. Entertainment Collectibles

Entertainment collectibles, like other collectibles, are products relating to cinema or television that are signed, limited edition, or have some other feature that increases the product’s value for collectors.

Amazon Consideration

  • Sellers must stay on a Professional Seller Plan.
  • For items sold in the Entertainment Collectibles category, sellers must adhere to all listing standards.
  • Customers must be able to complete the entire ordering and purchasing process using the Amazon website.

Use caution: Protect Your Account Against Black Hat Vendors

4. Fine Art

Fine art is made up of one-of-a-kind items that are not mass-produced. Some of these works can get upwards of $10,000.

Amazon Consideration

  • Sellers must have been in the [fine art] business for at least three years.
  • They must have a “substantial internet presence via a proprietary or third-party site.”
  • “A curatorial element to your gallery choices through yearly exhibition calendars, written essays, or exhibition catalogs” is required of sellers.

5. Jewelry

Fine jewelry is defined as jewelry that has been authenticated by Amazon and meets the Jewelry Quality Assurance Standards. Fine jewelry, like fine art, commands a significantly higher price.

Amazon Consideration

  • Products must be sold exactly as listed and described on the detail page’s descriptions, photos, and specs.
  • Amazon’s Jewelry Quality Assurance Standards must be met by all products.
  • Items must be appropriately put up according to Amazon’s Fine vs. Fashion Jewelry Categorization criteria.
  • All items must be genuine.
  • The Jewelry category does not allow products worth more than $300,000 to be listed.
  • A professional seller plan is required.
  • Sellers who want to list Fine Jewelry on Amazon must already be sellers.
  • Must have at least 12 months of Amazon selling experience and a minimum yearly Amazon income of $50,000.
  • Fine Jewelry sellers must have a current business with at least one brick-and-mortar location and a minimum yearly revenue of $50,000.

6. Sports Collectibles

Signatures, limited editions, and other features that raise the value of a product for collectors are all examples of sports collectibles.

Amazon Consideration

  • Maintain a 0.75 percent or lower-order defect rate.
  • Maintain your Professional selling strategy.
  • The majority of the products should be authenticated or graded.

7. Toys & Games (during the holidays)

During the holidays, Amazon restricts toy and game sales to experienced vendors. While toys for children aged 14 and under are included in this category, it also contains strategy board games, collectibles, drones, and other adult-oriented products.

Amazon Consideration

  • In the months running up to the start of the holiday season, you must have processed and shipped a particular quantity of orders (typically, September 1 through October 31). The orders don’t need to be unique to the Toys store.
  • In the month coming up to the holiday season, pre-fulfillment cancel rates must be no more than 1.75 percent (typically October).
  • In the month preceding up to the holiday season, late shipment rates must not exceed 4%. (typically October).
  • As of the first day of the holiday season, order failure rates must be less than 1% in the short term (typically November 1).

8. Video, DVDs, & Blu-ray

Video encompasses all types of video media (particularly DVDs and Blu-rays).

Amazon Consideration

  • If you do not already have a Professional Seller account, you must agree to upgrade within 30 days of your application being granted to a Professional Seller account.
  • Order-Defect Rate (ODR) of less than 1%
  • A cancellation rate of fewer than 2.5 percent is acceptable.
  • A 4 percent or lower rate of late shipments

9. Watches

High-end jewelry pieces and brands are included in watches.

Amazon Consideration

  • That sellers of certified pre-owned timepieces must be able to test the watches for water resistance and timekeeping accuracy.
  • Sellers of certified pre-owned watches must have an active professional selling account.
  • Certified pre-owned watches, according to Amazon, must meet all requirements set forth by a third-party watch certification company.
  • Sellers must have an active Professional selling account.
  • Watches and watch items must be listed with the UPC assigned by the manufacturer.

Amazon’s FBA Product Restrictions

Finally, Amazon wants to ensure that its customers enjoy the finest possible shopping experience. To assist with this, Amazon has put in place additional security safeguards for products that sellers may easily misuse or mislead.

Because restrictions differ by product, Amazon does not have a unified definition of what defines a restricted item. However, they do have some general qualities that we should keep in mind while we research products. If you’re selling Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), check out Amazon’s FBA Product Restrictions to learn which items aren’t allowed to be sold on the platform.

Comprehensive List of Amazon Gated, Restricted and High-Risk Brands

More names are being added the list of gated and restricted Amazon products. In addition, businesses are increasingly adopting steps to safeguard their trademarks from infringements of intellectual property.

Be careful — although Amazon will continue to allow you to list certain brands, the actual brand owners may pursue legal action against you. Many sellers are getting caught in this murky area, resulting in their Amazon account being restricted or suspended. This is why we’ve put together a list of Amazon’s current prohibited products so that merchants always know which brands to avoid listing.

Alphabetized List Of Hundreds Of Amazon Gated, Restricted, and High-Risk Brands

3Ns KinesiologyGatcoOral-B
A World Of DealsGEOrlane
Aden & AnaisGEFU Spirelli Spiral SlicerOscar Blandi
AdidasGel-a-peelOtter Box
AerobieGeorgie Interactive PuppyOxa
After InkedGeorgio ArmaniPabobo
AgfaphotoGerber Baby FoodPanasonic
AhavaGibby & LibbyPandora
AirGigamicPaper Magic
AkaiGigenParker Pens
Altec LansingGinna Rose AtelelierPavilion
American GirlGiraffe Bath & BodyPecute
AmopeGn NetcomPerfect Fitness
AmovoGo ExtremePerfume Samples
AnastasiaGoal ZeroPerfume Testers
AndoerGodefroy Eyebrow TintPerricone Md
Angels Fancy DressGoextremePeter Thomas Roth
AngelsoundsGoldfaden MDPetsafe
AnkiGoldieBloxPhilips Accessories
Ann Williams groupGoogle ChromecastPhilips Consumer Electronics
AnsrGracoPhilips Norelco
AppleGreen Mountain CoffeePhilipsc
AquafinaGriffinPhillip Mercier
AquapixGrill DaddyPhillips
Art Of ShavingGucciPhyto
ASOTVGuess How Much I Love YouPioneer
Audio TechnicaGundPirelli
AudiotechHallmarkPJ Mask
Australian GoldHamilton BeachPjxj
Baby BornHapePlaytex
Baby BulletHape InternationalPokemon
Baby DumplingHarry’s RazorsPower Rangers
BabylissHauptstadtkofferPrice Pfister
BabyplusHavex MachinesPrince Lionheart
Babyplus CompanyHboPrinceton Tec
BaggalliniHelen of TroyProctor-Silex
Balm CosmeticsHelleProject MC
BandaiHilifePure Encapsulations
Bargain Max DecalsHonest BabyPure Inventions
BassbudsHooverRainbow Light
Bayer AdvantageHuionRainbow Loom
BeabaHydro FlaskRainbow Sandals
BeachbodyIkeaRalph Lauren Perfume
Beats By DreInkriteRasyan
Beauty by EarthInkwriteRayban
Beauty PetInovaRayware
BenefiberIon AudioRed Castle
BesdataiRobot RoombaReebok
Best HomeIt WorksRelic
BestomzIt’s a 10Revlon
BH CostmeticsItalkonlineRipple Junction
BicIto ProfessionalRodan + Fields skincare
Billy JealousyJabraRode
BioliteJabra/Gn NetcomRodial
BirkenstockJack BlackRoger & Gallet
Black & DeckerJane IredaleRosetta Stone
Black DiamondJansportRubbermade
Blue MicrophonesJennifer LopezSachajuan
BodumJezebel And ParamourSafeguard
Body ShopJil SanderSafety 1St
BoleyJo MaloneSamsonite
BoseJohn FriedaSandisk
BostonJordan – shoesSandisk Enterprise
Boston AcousticsJosh BachSanicat
Brach’sJuice BeautySavfy
BracooJuicy CoutureSavfyâ®
Braggs Apple Cider VinegarKaavieScentio
BratzKate Spade WatchesSeastone
BritanniaKenneth ColeSheffield
Britannia GamesKera TherapyShiseido
BritaxKeter LtdShopkins
BurberryKilnerSk Ii
Burt’s BeesKind BarsSkagen
Butter LondonKitchen AidSketchers
ButterickKitchenaidSkip Hop Zoo
Buxom BuxomKitsoundSkullcandy
Cable MattersKlean KanteenSkyn Iceland
Calvin KleinKoolatronSmooshins
CanaryKorresSnake Brand
Cane & AustinKwick SewSnoopy Sno-Cone Machine
CanonKylie CosmeticsSodaStream
Capital BrandsL.O.L. DollsSodial
Carter’sL’OccitaneSol Republic
CasioL’orealSolar Brite
CaudalieLa Bella DonnaSolio
Cel-FiLa Roche PosaySomme Institute
ChanelLacostaSpark Cafe Cups
Christian DiorLeatherman ToolSt. Tropez
ClicTimeLeickeStar Wars
CliniqueLeicke GmbhStartech
Cloud BLeicke SharonSteel Glo
Cole & MasonLifeproofStep2
ColemanLinksysStepping Stones
Color WOWLinxorSteripen
ColumbiaLittle Green MenStickerfitti
ComfylifeLittle TikesStila
Comic ConceptLivivoStillCool
Comic ImagesLodgeStrivectin
Comic MakerLogitechStuff 4 Multiples
ComtrexLol SurpriseSultra
Crabtree & EvelynLouis VuittonSunwise
CrocsMac CosmeticsTapestry
Cuddl dudsMagic BulletThe Art Of Shaving
CuisinartMagic tracksTheraflu Caplets
Cult CosmeticsMajesticThermopro
Dandy BlendMarantzThinkfun
DaveyMarc AnthonyThirsty Milo
DavidoffMarc By Marc JacobsTimberland
DBPowerMarc JacobsTime2
DdfMario BadescuTinosorb
Dead SeaMario CosmeticsT-Mobile Prepaid Phones
Deborah LippmanMarubhumiTommie Copper
DeejoMary KayTommy Bahama
DellMatrix BiolageTommy Hilfiger
Deny DesignsM-DigitaToys Of Wood Oxford
DewaltMegaTraining Mask
DieselMelissa & DougTrendykid
Discovery KidsMemorySoftTribe
Disney FrozenMenaji CosmeticsTrue Religion Brand Jeans
DJIMensch on a BenschTRX
DknyMerrellTummy Tucker
DockersMichael KorsTumtum
Dog & BoneMicheleTyphoon
Dolce & GabbanaMieleTzumi
Dr. BrandtMizunourpower
Dr. DeneseMlbUst
Dr. Dennis Gross Skin CareMolton BrownVanra
DremelMonsieur BebeVcube
Dunkin DonutsMonster HeadphonesV-Cube
EasypixMorning PepVeggie Bullet
EB5Moulin RotyVera Bradley
Eco DefenseMrs. Anderson’SVichy
EeroMsiVictoria Secret
Elizabeth ArdenMunchkinVinvent Longo
Emile HenryMustelaVionic
EnergizerMyLifeUNITVogue Patterns
EpsonNanda HomeVulli
EscadaNative UnionWalkfit Platinum Orthotics
EssieNature MadeWarner Brothers
EstrovenNature’S SunshineWeber
EurekaNeato RoboticsWedderspoon
Excedrin Sinus HeadacheNeewerWen
FarberwareNeuragen PnWhitmor
Favorite FindingsNew BalanceWilson Sporting Goods
FerragamoNikon CamerasWolf Garten
Fifty/FiftyNinja BlendersWonder wallet
FingerlingsNite IzeWusthov
FinnloNo More ExcessYankee Candle
Fissler GmbhNorth FaceYiman
Fizz Creations LtdNum NomsYookidoo
FossilNutriBulletZing Anything
Franklin ElectronicsNuxeZippo
Fremantle Home EntertainmentObagiZirh
Frozen (Disney)Ocean PacficZoku
FunkoOlympusZoom Entertainments
FurminatorOnkyoZoomworks Stuffies
Future PlayoofoosZuru

Can you get your brand gated on Amazon?

Brand gating does not have an open application procedure. Contact Seller Support and request that your brand is restricted. It can take up to 8 weeks for Amazon to approve your request, and there’s no guarantee that they’ll do so or that they’ll gate all of your brand’s ASINs.

4 Questions For Gating Your Brand

Request brand gating when you can say “yes” to the following questions: 

  1. Do you have a pending or registered trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)?
  2. Do you have a Brand Registry account?
  3. Have you ever had to deal with fakes of your products?
  4. Have you made any proactive measures to address the counterfeiting problem?

Furthermore, if counterfeit copies of your products represent a safety risk to customers, you should notify Amazon, as it can greatly assist you in your case. Many organizations will offer to handle your brand gating application for you if you do a fast Google search. These corporations may have gotten brands restricted in the past, but don’t expect them to have special access to Amazon or be able to get around the limits.

How to apply to get ungated on Amazon

The clearance process for entering a restricted category on Amazon is quite simple.

Simply follow the procedures below to see if you and your product are eligible:

  • Log in to your Seller Central account first.
  • Click the ‘Inventory’ tab towards the top-left of the screen once you’re on your homepage.
  • Select ‘Add a Product’ from the dropdown menu.
  • Then look for the item you want to sell.
  • Then, to the left of the product information, select ‘Show limits.’
  • Finally, you’ll either be able to start the application process by clicking the ‘Request Approval’ option, or you’ll receive a notification stating that you are not approved and that applications are not being accepted.

Amazon’s ‘Prohibited Product Claims’ policy

Amazon doesn’t want to face a lawsuit from a customer who claims they bought a product from an Amazon seller who didn’t deliver on the promises made in the listing. As a result, Amazon’s product claims policy rigorously follows the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) guidelines for “unfair or deceptive” advertising.

Vendor Blackout? Making the Most of an Amazon Seller Central Account 

FTC Internet Marketing Standards

That’s why every vendor should follow the Federal Trade Commission’s internet marketing standards. As sellers, we are solely responsible for ensuring that our product representations are accurate and truthful.

The Division of Advertising Tactics of the Federal Trade Commission is tasked with protecting “consumers from unfair or misleading advertising and marketing practices that raise health and safety issues, as well as those that cause economic injury.” Products that promise to “cure, mitigate, treat, or prevent diseases in humans or animals without FDA permission” are also prohibited under Amazon’s claims policy. When it comes to products that make environmental claims on Amazon, they can’t deceive shoppers about the item’s attributes or characteristics.

What happens if you violate restrictions?

The infringement of Amazon’s policies is taken extremely seriously. Consider the following repercussions if you’re deciding whether or not to disobey their rules:

  • It’s possible that your listings will be removed.
  • Your listing privileges may be restricted.
  • It’s possible that your listing rights will be suspended.
  • Your listing privileges may be revoked entirely.
  • It can be tough to get reinstated once Amazon takes disciplinary action against you.

Complying with all of Amazon’s laws and regulations is the safest course of action.

Closing Thoughts

It may appear that selling on Amazon is difficult, but keep in mind that all of these criteria and requirements are what make this such a fantastic platform. The fact that Amazon is synonymous with quality is one of the reasons why so many people shop and sell there.

It may appear difficult to gain access to Amazon Restricted Categories, but it’s only a matter of having the necessary documentation for Amazon approval. It only takes one step to assure your customers that they are getting a high-quality product, which will improve your business and propel it to new heights over time.

To learn more about safely selling your product and scaling your business on Amazon, click here for a free analysis.

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