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Overview: Vendor Central vs Seller Central
February 27, 2018

We get a lot of questions about the difference between Vendor Central and Seller Central. We created this guide to help.

Seller Central

  • More control over pricing
    • You set the retail price.
    • The only uncontrollable factor here is if other 3rd party sellers start undercutting your price.
  • Complete control over inventory management
    • You manage your own projections and shipments
    • There are no PO’s
  • Improved sales and marketing data
    • Includes details about product page traffic and conversion rates
  • Access to more customer and purchase data
    • Access to data such as conversion rates, impressions and Buy Box %
    • Better advertising data in some cases
    • Access to customer emails and shipping addresses from order reports
      • Cannot use for direct marketing but can be used on Facebook Lookalike Audiences for retargeting
  • More control over customer experience with the brand
    • Directly manage customer service by e-mail using Amazon’s platform
  • Review follow-up campaigns
    • Provide support and request honest reviews from customers with automated follow-up emails to customers
  • Ability to use Merchant Fulfilled as method for fulfillment
    • Allows you to list your products and directly fulfill from your warehouses
    • Does not give you Amazon prime which does negatively affect performance
    • Avoids FBA fee
    • Potential for approval for Seller Fulfilled Prime (Prime shipping without using the Amazon warehouse network
      • Program where you are able to be seller fulfilled but have the prime badge
      • After trial period

Vendor Central

  • Selling Wholesale to Amazon
    • You negotiate rates and terms with Amazon
  • Net 60 or Net 90 payment terms
  • PO’s are automated by Amazon’s ordering algorithm
    • There are no guarantees of a PO from Amazon for certain products
    • These are based on past performance
  • Access to Amazon Vine
    • Giveaway program that exchanges free products to customers in exchange for reviews.
  • Access to AMS and additional ad features
    • Ostensibly better advertising rates
      • From our personal experience we have seen better pricing from Amazon on PPC bids on Vendor Central
  • No control over retail price
    • Amazon decides on the retail price and there is no way to control it as the brand owner.
  • Buy Box competitive advantage
    • Amazon manages the retail pricing for you. This means that
  • Fee advantages for certain product types
  • Advanced Retail Analytics for superior competitive intelligence when you spend extra
  • Vendor Premium Services includes an Amazon-facing account executive
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